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Dental implants are a top choice for patients who are missing teeth and looking to permanently restore their smiles! Because we believe in the power of dental implants, we provide complimentary consultations for those considering this advanced restorative procedure. Our skilled team will go over every step of the dental implant process with you, including treatment costs, financing options, and more, to empower you with all the information you need.

If you're ready to renew your confident smile with a trusted, long-lasting solution, give our office a call today for your complimentary dental implant consultation!

Missing teeth and gaps in the smile can be difficult things to live with. Patients who suffer from poor speech, mouth pain, and other such issues can turn to Pataskala Dental Arts to provide a permanent solution to their problems. Dental implants are an excellent way for our clients to renew their smiles and even change their lives for the better!

We offer the very best dental implants near Pataskala, OH because we manage all treatment - from start to finish!

What Are Dental Implants?

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While nothing is better than a complete, healthy tooth, dental implants come close. Manufactured from medical-grade titanium, they act as strong roots that can support a crown, bridge, or denture anchors. Because titanium reacts so well with bone, osseointegration (the growth of fresh bone over and around the implant) occurs quickly and naturally.

The implant is then capped with a crown specially crafted to resemble your natural dentition. Depending on the materials used, it may even go completely unnoticed amongst your natural teeth! While the crowns or bridges may need to be replaced after some time, the implants themselves are permanently anchored into the bone, making your jaw even stronger as well!

Type of Dental Implants

Pataskala Dental Arts offers a variety of options when choosing your dental implant treatment plan. These include:

Single Tooth Replacement

For patients looking to replace just one tooth, our clinicians can use a single implant capped with a color-matched, highly durable crown for a repair that virtually disappears.

Fixed Bridges

Using several implants as a base, we can fill multiple gaps with false teeth supported by dental implants. Since this option doesn’t involve preparing healthy teeth for crowns, it can be a great alternative to standard bridges.

Hybrid Implants

Some patients prefer the look and feel of dentures but are drawn to the security implants provided. Using them as supports, our clinicians can attach dentures permanently so they won’t slip or move throughout the day.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For complete dental makeovers, a full set of dentures can be snapped directly onto implants for a solid-feeling, strong bite that can still be removed when comfort demands.

During your consultation, our staff will help you make the best decisions about your oral health. Dental implants make for a permanent and beautiful answer to the problem of missing teeth, no matter which option works best for you!

Dental Implant Costs

Pakastala Dental Arts accepts a wide range of insurance plans and offers financing and payment opportunities that may help manage the dental implant costs. After all, the best person to make decisions about your smile is you!

Rehabilitate Your Smile at Pataskala Dental Arts

When you’re ready to change your life with dental implants, call us to schedule an appointment today! Let our team help you get the smile you deserve!

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