Preventive Care & Cleanings

It’s important to take care of any minor dental problems before they become major issues. That’s why our staff at Pataskala Dental Arts are specially trained in preventative oral care.

Using state-of-the-art dental equipment, we focus on cleaning and caring for your teeth in a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the most current practices and technology to provide you with the best treatments available.

Preventative dentistry allows doctors and patients to stay one step ahead of gingivitis, cavities, periodontitis, and a host of other common ailments. Each visit allows us to monitor your oral health and suggest different methods to promote healthy habits in our patients. We offer a variety of preventive dental care services, such as:

Teeth Cleaning & Dental Exams

dentist cleaning a patient's teeth in Pataskala, OHBiannual visits are an important part of oral care. During a standard cleaning visit, your dentist will clear away plaque buildup and developing stains. Mineral treatments are also an option for those looking to strengthen their enamel between office visits.

These cleaning appointments not only allow us to preen and polish your teeth, but they also provide an opportunity to inspect your dentition for possible problems. You may not notice uneven tooth wear or decay hiding in between teeth, but our clinicians sure will!


Teeth need to be protected from more than just plaque. Nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism can cause headaches, jaw pain and may even wear down chewing surfaces. Some patients don't even realize they do so, and it may go unnoticed until a partner or your dentist alerts you to the issue.

To keep teeth healthy when patients are asleep, we offer nightguards that keep tooth grinding at bay. If persistent headaches continue to be a problem, there are also orthodontic services that may correct the issue entirely.

Sports Mouthguards

Athletic patients have additional concerns about their teeth. A mouth injury may leave someone with loose, broken, or even missing teeth. With mouthguards made specifically to fit a patient’s mouth, you'll know your teeth are secure both on and off the field. Even better, they help reduce the risk for concussions!

Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Patients who have overly sensitive teeth may find the condition dictating their mealtimes. Foods that are too hot or cold can cause discomfort, forcing some people to avoid their favorite foods altogether.

If the sensitivity isn’t caused by an underlying condition, our clinicians use a paste specially formulated to dull such sensations for months. We can even suggest other methods and tools that will help you to continue enjoying your favorites.

Preventive Dental Care You Can Trust

Taking care of your teeth now means enjoying a fantastic-looking smile later. If it’s been some time since you’ve visited the dentist, take preventive action to ensure your smile is here to stay. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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