Oral Surgery

Sometimes it takes more than biannual cleanings to get your dentition in order. Patients of Pataskala Dental Arts know they can trust our team of professionals to provide excellent oral care in a relaxed and safe environment. We offer the very best oral surgery near Pataskala, OH because we use sophisticated technology and the most advanced practices available. Our patients know they can come to us for all of their oral surgery needs!

Sedation Dentistry for Anxiety and Special Healthcare Needs

oral surgery in pataskala, OH

No matter the reason, many people are averse to surgery of any kind. The prospect of oral surgery may make some patients anxious about the procedure. We offer a number of sedation options that allow our clients to customize their experience and make it as comfortable as possible.

During your initial consultation, our staff will recommend suitable options to help you make the best decisions about your treatment plan.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause a host of problems, the least of which may be difficulty chewing and speaking. One of the most effective treatments to repair lost dentition involves dental implants. This surgery involves embedding a titanium implant into the jawbone that will eventually secure a bridge or crown in place.

These surgeries are very successful and have been shown to improve oral health more than other alternatives. The titanium encourages bone growth so your jaw actually strengthens as time passes. They can even be used to secure dentures in place, making accidental slips a thing of the past!


Frenulums are points where the lips or tongue attach to the soft tissues of your mouth. In some people, these connections are located at inconvenient points, limiting lip and tongue movement and restricting speech. It can cause additional p[roblems in infants, making it difficult to latch during nursing.

A frenectomy solves this problem by altering or removing excess tissue with a laser. By using this method, the procedure can be performed quickly and without anesthesia. Additionally, recovery times are greatly reduced. Patients who have undergone the procedure successfully may see dramatic improvements immediately!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Overcrowding can be a major issue for both children and adults. Most people simply don’t have room in their mouths for erupting wisdom teeth. Impacted ones may cause a number of problems later in life as well, possibly developing infections and orthodontic problems as well.

At Pataskala Dental Arts, we want our clients to have the healthiest mouths possible. During your consultation, our clinicians will use digital x-rays and visual examinations to determine if and when you or your child should have wisdom teeth removed.

Safe and Comfortable Surgery at Pakastala Dental Arts

When you need an oral surgeon you can trust, call us to schedule an appointment today!

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