Kids Dentistry

Excellent oral habits start young, and Pataskala Dental Arts is proud to help provide excellent dental care and teach kids the best ways to care for their teeth. Kids' smiles need special attention to ensure they continue to develop properly. You can count on our team to provide safe and effective treatment in a comfortable, child-friendly environment.

kids dentistry services in Pataskala, OH

The Pataskala Dental Arts team is well equipped to ensure your child has an excellent experience in the dentist chair. We understand that anxiety over visiting the dentist can last a lifetime, and we strive to ensure children never have anything to fear from their favorite dental team!

Whether you’re introducing your child to the dentist for the first time or are looking for the best kids dentistry in the Pataskala, OH, area, call us to schedule your child's appointment today!

To help your child’s smile grow and develop, we offer treatments designed with young mouths in mind. We provide the following kids dentistry services:

Cleanings, Checkups, and Preventive Care

Biannual cleanings help to ensure your child’s teeth are developing normally. Our staff strives to educate children on healthy oral habits so their teeth look and feel great, even between visits.


Sometimes smiles develop askew, no matter what is tried. With state-of-the-art orthodontic care, your child’s teeth can be straightened to craft a beautiful smile they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Dental Crowns

With kids, injuries are just a fact of life. We can help repair damaged or missing teeth with children’s crowns that blend in with their natural dentition.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

There’s no need to attend school with ugly fillings. Pataskala Dental Arts offers amalgam-free tooth-colored fillings that help hide dental repairs from view.

Tooth Extractions

Overcrowding is a common problem in youthful mouths. Using gentle tooth extractions, we can take care of problem teeth that threaten permanent teeth to ensure your child’s smile has room to grow!

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth can be a major problem as people grow older. Using gentle extraction techniques, our clinicians can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the condition.

Children’s Sedation

Sometimes little ones need some help calming down. With sedation dentistry, we can offer laughing gas and other methods to help alleviate the stress that a dentist’s visit may cause.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kids' Dentist

At Pataskala Dental Arts, we prioritize your child’s comfort to provide them with the best services available. Call us to schedule your's child's dental appointment!

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