Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes you need a little help to get the most out of your smile. That’s why Pataskala Dental Arts performs cosmetic dentistry using state-of-the-art technology that will keep you grinning. Whether it’s correcting crooked dentition or returning the luster of your pearly whites, we have a treatment plan that will have you looking and feeling your best!

Smile Makeovers

man smiling during his cosmetic dentistry appointment

During your smile makeover consultation, we will look at your oral health in its entirety to suggest the best course of action. This can involve combining several different treatments into one cohesive plan.

With virtual smile designs, we can create digital representations of your current dentition as well as a preview of how your smile can look when the treatment has been completed.

Cosmetic Veneers

Many patients with crooked teeth or large gaps think the only solution is through orthodontics. By using dental veneers to disguise and reform those flaws, your dentist can completely rework your smile in much less time!

Dental veneers are thin porcelain or resin covers that can be crafted or molded to look precisely the way you need. Gaps and spaces can be blanketed by veneers, leaving you with the outward appearance of a perfectly symmetrical and flawless smile. They are also expertly tinted to match your existing dentition, making them truly look like part of your natural smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Continual brushing and excellent oral hygiene may not be enough to keep stains off of your teeth. Certain foods and activities such as drinking coffee and smoking can adversely affect the color of your teeth. Particles of the discolorant leech their way into tooth enamel, making it very difficult to polish away.

Using a specially formulated solution, your dentist can help to remove some of that staining. Where traditional brushing and whitening toothpaste fail, professional-grade products administered by your clinician offer much better results. Our safe and effective procedure lets you relax in comfort while your teeth whiten, giving you a brighter smile with each passing second!

Dental Implants

Using titanium implants, replacing missing teeth is easier than ever before. Dental implants are a long-lasting solution for those missing dentition. Capped implants are stronger and more effective than bridges at filling gaps, and as time passes they can even stimulate bone growth to fortify your jaw. Attached crowns come in a variety of materials as well, giving patients a range of options from extremely durable to completely camouflaged repairs.

Redesign Your Smile With Pataskala Dental Arts

When you feel it’s time to take care of your disrupted dentition, let our staff help you make the best choices for your smile’s future. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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